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Updated Guidance: Communicating Through COVID-19

Back in the spring, we developed our Post-Pandemic Communications guidance document to help business owners and leaders plan communications strategies that could carry them into the post-COVID-19 world. At the time, regional economies were beginning to open back up after weeks of lockdown, and it looked as though we’d all be back to business as usual before long.

That wasn’t the case. As we all know too well by now, COVID-19 continues to rage on. With the widespread availability of vaccines still months away – at best – we’ve updated our previously issued guidance to help businesses communicate successfully throughout the remainder of this pandemic, however long that may be.

We hope this updated guidance, Communicating Through COVID-19, will be useful to you as we all look towards 2021 and - hopefully - the end of this pandemic.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

If you need help with communications planning, reach out to us any time. We’d love to chat.


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