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What We Do

Media Relations

Media relations is at the core of everything that we do. We believe strongly in the power of media coverage to grow a business, spread an idea, or raise awareness for an issue, which is why we make it our top priority to secure high-quality earned media placements for all of our clients.

Specific media relations activities include:

  • Media pitch development

  • Targeted media outreach

  • Coordination of client interviews

  • Securing media coverage

  • Coverage monitoring and reporting

  • Relationship-building with key media contacts

Social Media

Social media is a company necessity - but it can be a huge responsibility, requiring a great deal of time and attention. Free yourself up by letting us handle - or assist with - your social media for you.

Specific social media activities include:

  • Social media strategy

  • Drafting social media language

  • Developing a posting schedule

  • Identifying - and engaging with - key social media influencers

  • Incorporating social media activities into a broader PR strategy

Content Creation

Content is king in today's world. We can help with a range of communications-related content needs, freeing you up to manage the rest of your business.

Specific content creation activities include:

  • Development of company e-newsletters

  • Media kit development

  • Content strategy and scheduling

  • Writing company backgrounders, executive bios, & other messaging documents


You might be about to launch the greatest thing the world has ever seen - but if no one knows about it, does it matter? Let us help get your launch the attention it deserves.

Specific launch activities include:

  • Pre-launch communications strategy and planning

  • Development of launch communications materials

  • Targeted media outreach - before, during, and after launch

  • Coordination of launch-focused communications activities

Thought Leadership

If you want to be recognized as a leader in your space, a thought leadership campaign is an essential tool. 

Specific content thought leadership activities include:

  • Planning and strategy

  • Development and placement of op-eds and contributor content

  • Personal social media strategy

  • Speaking engagements

  • Event submissions

Communications Consulting

Do you look forward to handling communications yourself, or in-house, but you're not quite sure where to start? Sign up for a consulting package, and we'll talk you through what to do and how. Lean on us as a resource.

Consulting is offered on an hourly basis, or as part of a custom package. Contact us for more details about our limited consulting services and packages.

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