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Client Testimonials

"Emma and 418 Communications were absolutely instrumental in keeping our Club on course as we launched the team, structured media and communications, and began our journey for our Professional and Club teams. With Emma's guidance, high-quality work, and effort, our launch was one of the most successful in USL history."

President, Lexington Sporting Club


"I have repeatedly engaged 418 Communications for one-off and campaign-related PR work, and they have never failed to deliver. They are my PR partner of choice!"

Author, "The Affinity Principle"


"418 Communications was a pleasure to work with, and we really appreciated the time they took to not only understand our overall goals, but to understand our company so they could better tell our story."

Co-Founder, Artwork Archive


"418 Communications is a business I wanted to partner with because of the willingness of Emma and Coley to listen to my needs. I felt they were able to convey my values through their work. They were genuine, honest, and timely. I really appreciate their work and enthusiasm. They were knowledgeable and efficient with everything they presented to me!"

Founder, VanMeter James

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